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Personality development and self-awareness

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What is Tantra?
A sect, a sexual practice, something old, outdated? ... Or a wonderful opportunity to get closer to yourself and get to know your own "ticking" better?

Tantra is ...

  • an ancient science that looks closely at the connections between sexuality and the psyche.
  • a spiritual path that reconciles sexuality, love and consciousness.
  • an intense self-awareness that leads you to a new body awareness, to the perception of finer energy flows and to a new dimension of sensual experience. You become more centered, alert and learn to live more and more in the here and now.

From our own experience, we can really confirm the above points:

It's a path, a process worth pursuing.
And it starts with the first step.

Only if we do this first step,
we will get ahead,
we will continue to develop
we will find ourselves.

And this way may also be fun!

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Only ... this first step is to be done!

Maybe a little text by Mag. Helena Krivan about this, which fits in well with today's time:

I'm sick of it!

Anyone who gives them this usually accompanies them with lively facial expressions and gestures, which clearly illustrates what exactly will happen if the saturation progresses unchecked.

I'm sooo tired!
If we take a closer look, we notice that being full is actually a pleasant thing and only means that we have received a certain amount of something. Just enough that we do not need it anymore.
Fed up is full: it's enough, it's enough.

Saturated, repleted: Just as a simple tea can turn into a saturated sugar solution. All we have to do is add enough sugar - which is too much - will resist all our stirring and dance through the tea unresolved.
The recording capacity is just exhausted, more is not possible!

The satiety we encounter in everyday life in various forms.
There is that satiety that is very simple to be achieved, e.g. with a sausage roll.
Then those, perhaps already irritated slightly colored, which brings five daily sausage rolls after six weeks.
And then there is also the satiety - more spiritual than physically perceptible - that suddenly recognizes, free from any doubt, at a single clear moment:
Not like that.
It can not go on like that.
It is enough, it is enough - for example, with the constant keeping behind of my own needs.
Or that I gain five kilos every year.
Or that I deny myself just to get someone's love.
Or, for convenience's sake, I would not face a pending conflict.
I've had enough of it now. I'm sick of it.

This third form of satiety is one that neither blames nor forges revenge plans. She is free from accusation and self-punishment.

It's one that just got tired of the old stuff and now steps out of an encrusted pattern of behavior and makes something new with an effortless - because it is strengthened by long feeding - step.

And quite similar is Tantra.

In tantra, nothing is forbidden. Nothing about you, no passion, no blemish, none of the less wholesome habits must be hidden, justified, nicely spoken or secretly swept under the carpet. We should - no, better yet: we must finally become humans, with all our human dark and bright nougat layers.
(Just for clarification: Of course that does not mean that from now on I can and should go to the cookie because that's just my only moderately enlightened parts and I do live now, ätsch. I can already do that, but I get probably one quick on the lid.)

So I'm allowed to stuff myself with cherry pie until I just eat enough of it and stop it.
I am allowed to be jealous for so long and so passionately that I am simply fed up with the trail of broken relationships I leave behind.
It is perfectly fine to sacrifice myself - my time, my strength, my affection - for everyone and everybody. Until I realize that it is enough now.

That's the way of Tantra:
Forbid nothing.
Allow everything.
But - and that's the trick! - look very awake at any moment.
And through this watchful look and feel I notice when I am now sufficiently served and thus tired.
And then...? -
And then I can let things go with a light hand.

© Helena Krivan / www.tantra.at

Translated from German with google translator

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