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About me

Here you can get information about me as a person and a philanthropist.

Picture Manfred Wolfgang

  • How and where have I acquired my knowledge and my insights.
  • What determines me and who and what I am.
  • What did I work, what are my experiences and developments.
  • How I have been publicly so far.
  • What is my vision, my goal and where do I want to go.

My vision - my goal

As a project manager, event marketing manager and self-employed person, my leadership style and human presence over the last 25 years has led to the point that employees of supply companies and service providers force themselves to participate and be part of my events and projects.

My customer feedback and a complaint rate of 0.16 percent in my own shop speaks a clear language.

I "treat" people the way I want to be treated. I want to see manners and togetherness in a world, in which people do not exploit each other out of power and profit greed, abuse and disregard each other, but support each other in love and appreciation.

Satisfying and inspiring, personal and business growth does not take place at the expense of competitors and other people, but only in cooperation and harmony of all being involved.

This is the reason to share my passion, enthusiasm, knowledge and skills with people.
To the people who want to make a positive contribution in changing this world.


  • School education with the completion of the Fachhochschulreife
  • Graduation Dipl.-Ing (FH) Electrical Engineering, with focus on data engineering, at the Fachhochschule München
  • Graduation Economist (VWA) with an emphasis on organization and planning, at the Verwaltungs- und Wirtschaftsakademie München

Scientific and economic educations

  • Training as a BAFA-certified energy consultant, Grundig Akademie, München (Deutschland)
  • Additional training Energy consultant for non-residential buildings according to DIN V 18599, Grundig Akademie, München (Deutschland)
  • Millionaire Mind Intensive, T.Harv Eker, Berlin (Deutschland)
  • Mision To Millions, T.Harv Eker, Mannheim (Deutschland)
  • Ultimate Internet Boot Camp, T.Harv Eker, London (Großbritannien)
  • Train The Trainer Certification, T.Harv Eker, London (Großbritannien)
  • Enlightened Warrior Training Camp, T.Harv Eker, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
  • Never Work Again, T.Harv Eker, London (Großbritannien)
  • Guerilla Business Intensive, T.Harv Eker, Rom (Italien)
  • Language Of Impact, Joel Roberts, Rom (Italien)
  • Master Your Mind, T.Harv Eker, London (Großbritannien)
  • Making The Stage Certification, T.Harv Eker, Phuket (Thailand)
  • Freedom Trader Intensive, T.Harv Eker, London (Großbritannien)
  • Master Facilitator Certification, Blair Singer, Phoenix (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika)
  • Mastery of Selfexpression, Larry Gilman, Los Angeles High School Of The Arts (LAHSA), Los Angeles (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika)
  • English course, St. Brelade’s College, St. Brelade (Jersey)

Spiritual educations

  • Education for pendulum, Siegfried Woll, Schleching (Deutschland)
  • Education for dowsing rod, Siegfried Woll, Schleching (Deutschland)
  • Education in "Holistic Radiesthesia and Mental Radionics", Böttcher's Institut für Gesundheit, Adendorf (Deutschland)
  • Education in "Energetic health consultant", Böttcher's Institut für Gesundheit, Adendorf (Deutschland)
  • Education in myco therapist, Franz Xaver Schmaus, MykoTroph AG, Limeshain (Deutschland)
  • Education "Russian healing" nach Grigory Grabovoy, München (Deutschland)
  • Education "Quantum Entrainment", Basiskurs, Dr. Frank Kinslow, Frankfurt (Deutschland)
  • Education "Quantum Entrainment", Masterkurs, Dr. Frank Kinslow, Frankfurt (Deutschland)
  • Education "The 5 natural laws of biology" nach Dr. Hamer, Helmut Pilhar, München (Deutschland)
  • Seminar "Biological healing knowledge" nach Dr. Hamer, Rainer Körner, Mühldorf (Deutschland)
  • Education as Reiki Meister according to Dr. Usui, Karin Solana Baumgartner, Freistetten (Deutschland)
  • Seminar travel "Vortex Of Attraction" Cruise, Abraham Hicks, Alaska (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika)
  • "Großer Bogen", the tantric year training, Institut Namasté, Wien (Österreich)
  • "Ritualweg", the tantric 2-years training, Institut Namasté, Wien (Österreich)

Business experiences

  • Project management of communication projects.
  • Planning, organization, implementation and budget responsibility of u.a. Trade fairs, events for high potential clients, large events up to 2500 persons, ..... .
  • Self-employed as an independent energy consultant for residential and non-residential buildings (industrial buildings).
  • Project responsibility as support consultant at BAFA, dena and KfW.
  • Managing Director of "Der Kraftgarten".
  • after reorganization executive director at "Der Kraftgarten Ltd.".

Spiritual experiences

  • House inspections with searching for fault zones and their subtle causes.
  • Dejaming houses by harmonizing of interference sources with accordingly subtle steps.
  • Power place and garden design with energetic positive effects on the residents by harmonizing and dejaming the ambient energy.
  • Setting up stone circles for general harmonizing of house and garden energies.
  • Setting up stone circles for conscious creation of energetically recharging places, i.e. for meditation, relaxing, etc., ... .
  • Dejaming workplaces in office buildings for increasing work climate and therefore increasing of productivity at 10 %.
  • Invention of the tree-energy wood set as aid to find the starting problem with coaching for clients, especially for kids or for harmonizing the body energy for a better well being.
  • Composing of a chakra-stone-set for harmonizing and energizing the chakras for an increased well being.
  • Development of the variable fragrance and incense burner with which it is possible to fragrance and burn incense herbs and resin with one gripp.
  • Development of a "personal protection symbol" for the harmonization of one's own energy as a protection against the energetic influence from the outside.
  • Development of a general energy-symbol zu decrease the influence of i.e. mindcontrol, HAARP, electrosmog, etc., to the human body and psyche.
  • Development of an energy symbol for energizing and erasing information in water and prolonging shelf life in food.
  • Development of an anti-pain-symbol to reduce various types of pain.
  • Presentations of geomantic tours and lectures to bring the world of subtle and thus invisible energies closer to the general public.

Own lectures

  • "Water veins, geomantic faults & Co. - Power places or cancer places ?!" - An overview of subtle energies and their effects on our health.
  • "What do computers, mobile phones & Co. have to do with success or failure at school?" - I show you the reasons - 90% of parents do not know - when your children fail at school and have bad grades! And I will show you how to help your children!
  • "Words, sentences, phrases!" - The subtle influence on our sub consciousness through using our daily language.
  • "The Mayans and the energetic understanding of time!" - and what this has to do with us!
  • "How much heating oil/gas does your house/apartment need per sqm?" - "Can we still afford the good warm room in the future?" - An overview of energy advice, energy passport and promotion possibilities and about what each individual can do to become more energetically independent.

Own workshops and seminars

  • "Introduction to the Subtle World of Radiesthesia and Commuting" (Pendulum Basics Workshop)
  • "Deepening steps into the world of commuting" (Pendulum Extended Workshop)
  • "Introduction to the Dowsing Rod" (Rod Basics Workshop)
  • "Deepening Steps and Experiences with Dowsing Rods" (Rod Extenden Workshop)

Own geomantic guided tours

  • "Water vein, geomantic fault & Co. - places of strength and energy at Jexhof?!" - A geomantic tour over the Farm Museum of Jexhof near Fürstenfeldbruck.
  • "With the dowsing rod through the Museum Glentleiten" - A geomantic tour over the grounds of the Freilichtmuseum at Glentleiten during the exhibition "Small paradises? - Insights into neighbors garden."
  • "Lines of force, lines of power, visible secrets" - A geomantic tour through the park of Nymphenburg Palace.