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Vitalized water

Water is our most important food and high-quality drinking water essential for our well-functioning health.

Water fulfills many tasks in our body. Among other things, it transports valuable vitamins and nutrients into our body and harmful toxins and wastes from our body.

But water is not equal to water.

Scientists have discovered that water is not just composed of H2O molecules, but that these water molecules form clusters. These clusters can be thought of as tiny little "water rags". Each of these water clusters serves to transport nutrients in and toxins out of the body.

Will water, such as our tap water, e.g. be pressurized, it forms large clusters, although clean and of high chemical quality. The smaller and finer these clusters are, the more of these small clusters are in the water per unit volume, and the more nutrients or toxins the water can carry.

This water does not only have a much smaller cluster structure than our tap water, it also has a very special shape, a hexagonal shape. It is known as so-called "hexagonal water". Consequently, our untreated tap water, because of its structure alone, can carry fewer nutrients and wastes than this hexagonal water because it has less of these clusters at the same volume.

The question is, is it possible that you can generate this hexagonal water?

Yes, it's possible!

One option that we highly recommend is the "Hexagon Water Swirl®" from Cellavita. It creates water with a hexagonal structure through the turbulence. You can even taste the difference between your normal tap water and the hexagonal water.