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It's nice to see you here!

!!! The revolution of incense !!!

The ORIGINAL since 2008!

- the variable fragrance and
incense burner -

recommended by Alexander Wagandt

- Burn herbal incense without smoke
- Herbal incense + water vaporization
- Burn herbal incense and resins
- Flavor scented essences

- and all that with only a single
incense warmer!?!


Everything is energy – All is one!
You are more than you can usually perceive with your senses!

What is the point of the best training and the most knowledge if you can’t be in your full creativity power when you need it because energies hinder you to unfold your full potential and to live.

And that is why we manufacture products for you and show you solutions that will support your personal environment with a harmonious and balanced energy field. We also offer you services that will lead you to a more confident, self-determining, successful, and independent life step by step.

Our work is not about being "against" something, but always being "for it". For the customer, for his situation, doing something, thus not being in opposition but to promote the positive.

Every person is an energy field - and is in direct resonance to his environment!

Our body, with which we live here on earth, forms the low-frequency (condensed) part of the "human" energy field. The much larger portion of this energy field is formed by the higher-frequency, non-physical part. Most people cannot (yet) perceive this invisible part with their five senses, even though it has a determining influence on our lives.

Our environment is also a single energy field. We are connected to this environment and thus correlative. We influence this energy field, which then again affects us. There are many different subtle energy qualities and energy sources that make a lasting impact on our lives, even though we cannot usually perceive these energies with our five senses.

Let’s take the topic of mobile phones and mobile communication for example.

Why should we go without the conveniences of technology and not make use of modern progress? Many people can no longer do without it, for whatever reason. But do we have to "tolerate" the effects on our body and health?


If I protect myself against whatever it is that impairs me, then I do this consciously. I can’t do this unconsciously. We have to learn to come out of the unconsciousness of our life and into a new consciousness - into our consciousness.

Every person lives 95 % of his/her life following unconscious patterns and programs and only 5 % consciously, or by real decisions. This means a lot of our everyday actions are done according to patterns and schemes we have learned or been "taught" in the past, e.g. by parents, school, society, incidents, accidents, calamities, etc. They were certainly important for our survival back then and “necessary” in the truest sense of the word. But only in this single exceptional situation – back then. However, this program is no longer useful for us, but we saved it, and we act accordingly every day - unconsciously. And if we have to, we defend it as if it was the only thing we have in the world.

We don’t have to be surprised if nothing in our lives changes and everything goes according to our "usual course." Even though we actually desire a change.

However, this change cannot be achieved by the same means with which we have brought ourselves into the present situation.
There has to be a change in our way of thinking and acting.
It is time for each of us to become "self-conscious."

And this "self-consciousness" has brought you to this website because there are no "coincidences," except when something comes to you.

That is why you are here.


In this sense, we wish us all an enlightening and energetically constitutive and successful time.

Manfred Wolfgang Reithmayr
Der Kraftgarten Ltd.